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For non-fulfilment of a service, you receive a free delivery with the same characteristics.
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Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays are considered non-working days.
Saturday deliveries will be subject to the supplement established.
Schedule exceptions
1 · Shipments by air and sea to Ceuta, Melilla, the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Azores Islands and Madeira can suffer from time variations due to factors outside the control of our company, as well as customs and excise controls in the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Andorra and Gibraltar.
2 · Deliveries using the services: NACEX 10:00 H, SAMEDAY, and PORTUGAL 10:30 H in towns/cities further than 15 km from the delivering office, have an additional margin of 1 minute for each km of distance between them and this office.
Delivery exceptions
Deliveries to post office boxes will not be accepted.
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All NACEX's transport conditions and guarantees are reflected in the clauses shown on the contract for opening an account, as well as the on the Pick up List, as these are considered a transport contract.
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Delivery at no extra cost for mileage on the prices given in the tariffs.
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Our tariffs include any pick up made in towns/cities with a NACEX office and within a radius of (30 km send and return).

Pick ups outside this radius are also included in the tariffs provided that they are requested the day before pick up or before 09:00 hrs on the same day, and can be made between 08:00 hrs and 13:00 hrs. When a pick up cannot be carried out, due to factors outside the control of NACEX, a payment corresponding to a failed pick up will be made. For more information please ask your NACEX office.

Otherwise, any pick up outside this radius will be charged at 0.67 €/km (round trip) on account holder rates and 0.72 €/km (round trip) on general rates, from the NACEX office to the pick up location.
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Calculation of dimensions for shipments by air
When the sum of the three dimensions of the parcel (width + length + height) is between 101 and 150 cm, the cost of the shipment will be increased by one base module, according to the service and the destination.

If the sum of these dimensions is between 151 cm and 200 cm (maximum permitted size), the price of the shipment will be increased by two base modules. (The base module is the corresponding fractional price up to 5 kg).
Exception: The NACEX 19:00 H and PORTUGAL 19:00 H will be increased by an additional fraction of 5 kg.
The e-N@CEX and PLUSPACK services have a first excess included in their price.
Cálculo de dimensiones en vía aérea
(Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, SAMEDAY Madrid-Barcelona, Azores and Madeira and PLUSPACK EUROPE).
Volumetric weight will be used for shipments by air (width x length x height [in cm]: 6000 = kg.), [m3 = 167 kg], provided that this is higher than the actual weight in kg, and without applying the supplement for excess size.

Shipments sent by air must be accompanied by an agreement letter from a recognised shipping agent (Carta de Compromiso de Expedidor Conocido), in accordance with the relevant Spanish civil aviation laws and in compliance with European Regulations 300/2008 dated 11th of March 2008.
This letter can be petitioned in your NACEX office.
Maximum weight per package is 40 kg, with the exception of SAMEDAY services by air, where it will be 26 kg.
1 · Shipments of more than one package will be calculated based on fractions of 5 kg, whenever the number of packages is higher than the number of fractions.
For example, 3 packages with a total weight of 6 kg will be counted as 15 kg.

2 · In the case of the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla they will be calculated based on fractions of 2 kg.
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The delivery of packages and objects whose contents are against the law, moral or good practices, or involve the trafficking of illicit substances is prohibited. NACEX does not accept responsibility for the contents of any package, therefore the client will be held completely responsible for any subsequent consequences.
NACEX may refuse to deliver any shipments that are not in suitable condition for transport. (Art. 27 of the Commerce Code, of the Law 15.2009 of 11th November Contract Transport of Goods).

Note 1: Live animals, drugs, combustible material, poisonous substances, infectious substances, explosives, unlicensed weapons, human remains, cash and corrosive materials will not be transported.

Note 2: All goods are shipped at the sender's risk. As a consequence, the client will assume responsibility for any damage, delays, and unsatisfactory end experienced during transport and until delivery, due to bad fortune, acts of god, or inherent properties of things.
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Documentation: All documents that do not weigh more than 5 kg, and that have not been produced by a printer's, are considered documentation, such as identity cards, passports, filled-in forms, company accounts, plans, deeds, etc.
Parcels: All documentation over 5 kg is considered a parcel, documentation less than or equal to 5 kg that has been produced by a printer's, such as forms to be filled in, brochures, catalogues, posters, business cards, books, etc. (in these cases the invoice for printing must be provided) as well as for any kind of sample.
The following documentation is essential for the shipment of goods to The Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Andorra and Gibraltar:
Non-commercial shipments*
Original sales invoice and 5 copies which contain the following information:
• Information on the exporter, consignee (Name, full address and N.I.F., D.N.I. or passport number).
• Detailed description of the goods.
• Estimated remuneration value of the goods (when more than 0 €).

The first time a service is used to any of these destinations, the company or private party needs to enclose an authorisation for dispatch and/or a representation, which can be provided by your NACEX office.
Commercial/Private shipments*
Original sales invoice and 5 copies which contain the following information:

For commercial shipments:
• Name, full address and N.I.F. or D.N.I.(Identity card number) with the full names of both the sender and consignee.
• Detailed description of the goods.
• Unit values and total value.
• Number of units.
• Number of packages, gross and net weight.
• Exporter's conditions.
For private shipments:
• A sworn declaration which contains the following information:
Name, address, D.N.I. (Identity card number) of both the sender and the consignee (a photocopy of this documentation for the sender is necessary), a detailed description of the goods and estimated remuneration value (when more than 0 €).

*All invoices must be stamped and/or have an original signature.
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